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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

What does 'we gather together' mean?

"We Gather Together" was originally a Dutch patriotic song, but is now sung as a hymn of thanksgiving around the world. Its lyrics celebrate the fellowship of gathering together in praising the Lord and asking for His blessings. We rejoice in the deliverance from evil and suffering in God's grace, giving thanks to God Almighty!

Our Story

Christmas, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter, and Thanksgiving are some favorite festivals celebrated here at Timber Ridge. These and other ceremonies and festivals are done as a remembrance of the Lord.

  • We gather for a shared lunch each month. Usually after the worship service on the first Sunday of each month.

  • The Timber Ridge "Old Stone" Church is a vibrant, welcoming community of believers, devoted to the service of God and each other. We strive to provide a safe and accepting environment where people of all ages can come together and build relationships.

  • Our mission is to inspire and equip our members to live out their faith with compassion and courage. Through our worship services, outreach programs, and other events, we seek to build a deep, meaningful connection with God and one another. We hope you will join us soon

Events and Celeberations

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