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Adult Bible Study

Every Sunday
9:30-10:30 am

April 7 - May 12
6 sessions

    In this six-session study, author and pastor Jay Kim guides small-group members through Paul's letter to the believers in Colossae, revealing what his words meant to his original readers . . . and how they apply to us today.  The letter to the believers in Colossae contains a message that's urgent today—a message of unity among the followers of Christ; a message of thanksgiving and spiritual fullness in a broken world; a message that shows us how to live as the people who are made alive in the one true Christ.  Sessions include:

  ~ The True Center
  ~ Broken Gauges
  ~ A Greater Reality
  ~ Constant Dissonance

  ~ The Right Attire
  ~ God Alone

Preview of the next Bible Study in the 40 Days Through the Book series starting on May 19th.

Have you ever been discouraged in your faith?  Or wondered if you are staying grounded in what you believe?  This was the issue facing the believers in Thessalonica.  So Paul compelled them in two letters to not be deceived by false teachers but remain diligent in doing the work set before them as they looked forward to Jesus’s return

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