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Our Session
Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

In the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Session is the group of ruling elders, elected by the congregation, who make decisions for the administration of the local church and who serve as spiritual leaders of the congregation. They have the responsibility and power to: provide that the Word of God be preached and heard, primarily through worship; authorize the celebration of the sacraments; receive and dismiss members; provide for the education, ordination, mission, and care of members; oversee financial stewardship and church property; and maintain discipline. The Session is the council for the congregation. All members of the Session are entitled to vote. The pastor is the moderator of the Session, and the Session shall not meet without the pastor or designated moderator; however, the moderator is not ordinarily a voting member of the Session. The Session has the responsibility of governing and guiding the congregation, so that the congregation is, and becomes, a community of faith, hope, love, and witness. Keeping their very specific task in mind, the Session also has the responsibility and power to:

  • Review the roll of active members at least annually;

  • Train, examine, ordain, and install those elected by the congregation as ruling elders and deacons;

  • Direct the ministry of deacons, trustees, and all organizations of the congregation;

  • Employ the administrative staff of the congregation;

  • Maintain minutes of Session meetings, accurate and current Membership Rolls, registers of baptisms, ruling elders and      deacons, installed pastors with dates of service, and other relevant registers; and finally,

  • Prepare and adopt a budget and determine the distribution of the congregation’s benevolences with full transparency to the congregation concerning its decisions, and ensuring faithful stewardship of financial resources.

The Session of Timber Ridge

Class of 2024

Joe Lipscomb

Jessie Lotts

Class of 2025

Kathy Cummins

Ann Peel

Nick Ramsey

Class of 2026

Lewis Swink

Will Lipscomb

Joyce Broughman


Joe Lipscomb  -  Class of 2024


Jessie Lotts  -  Class of 2024


Kathy Cummins  -  Class of 2025


Nick Ramsey  -  Class of 2025


Will Lipscomb  -  Class of 2026


Ann Peel  -  Class of 2025


Lewis Swink  -  Class of 2026


Joyce Broughman  -  Class of 2026

Timber Ridge Committees

Timber Ridge Trustees

Class of 2024

Beth Armstrong

Class of 2025

Linda Kuehne

Class of 2026
Booty Moore
McClung Cummins

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