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City Church

Historic Presbyterian Church built in 1756.

Palm Sunday Worship Service – April 5th, 2020

Timber Ridge


Old Stone Church”

April 5, 2020 PALM SUNDAY

 Welcome & Announcements


Call to Worship – Responsively       

LEADER: The great entrance is prepared.

PEOPLE: In the olive grove, the leaves are still and the wind is hushed.

  LEADER: In reverence they welcome the Messiah.

 PEOPLE: Silently, he rides the beast of burden and brings peace into Jerusalem.

    LEADER: As he draws near, the silence surrenders into joyful noise and celebration.

PEOPLE: This is he! The One who has made the blind see,    the lame walk, and the dead come alive!

  LEADER   Come, Let us follow and worship our Lord.

 Invocation—Opening Prayer

    Hymnof Praise  297      Hosanna, Loud Hosanna

First Reading Psalm 31:9-16          —Donna Lanaghan

 Anthem       “Sacred Head, Wondrous Love”          — Joseph Martin

Prayer of Confession – In Unison

O Lord, who on this day entered the city that later rejected you: we confess that our wills are as guilty as Jerusalem’s, our faith is weak, our hearts are in need of cleansing. Have mercy on us, Son of David, Savior of our lives. Help us to lay at your feet all that we have and all that we are; trusting you to forgive what is sinful, to heal what is broken, and to receive us as your own. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  [Time of silent prayer and reflection]   Amen.

 Assurance of Pardon                                       

Leader:  The good news is… no matter what you do or don’t do, the tireless, relentless, limitless love of God always remains unshakably, and the same.  Believe the good news of the gospel. In Jesus Christ we are forgiven! Thanks be to God!   

Sharing Peace and Reconciliation in Christ

 Leader:  Let us take a moment and silently pray for one another.

* Hymn     305              Jesus Paid It All

 Prayer for Illumination 

 The Gospel    Matthew 26:14  – 27:54

 Sermon       “Bittersweet Sunday”    Rev.  Patrick Lanaghan

 Prayers of the People & The Lord’s Prayer

    Tithes and Offering

* Doxology & Prayer of Dedication

 * Apostles’ Creed       

 *  Hymn of Service   324   When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

*  Charge & Blessing

 *  Postlude