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City Church

Historic Presbyterian Church built in 1756.

Our Pastor

Rev. Patrick & Donna Lanaghan

My greatest accomplishment in life was asking Donna to marry me, after a 14-month courtship. We were married a few months later in the spring of 1985 and continue to this day, 32 years later. We have two grown children and five grandchildren.

Past Experience: 

Self-employed for the last 24 years of my secular life culminated in 2006 when my wife and I sold our home remodeling company; which had matured as a thriving business in Winchester, Virginia with 27 employees. As founder and president of the Four Seasons Sunroom Company of Winchester and The Winrepco Corporation, my duties included training, personnel management, accounting, advertising and public relations.

During my business career years, I served as elder in a small West Virginia church, laden with a vacant pulpit for an extended time. I was often called to preach, to teach and tend to the needs of the congregation. Under the direction of the Presbytery, the church searched and negotiated the call for a Commission Lay Pastor to be installed. It was in the shepherding of this small country church that I was led to my own Commissioned Lay Pastor (CLP) training with the Shenandoah Presbytery.

When completing my CLP study, I recognized that small church ministry is multi-layered in what it requires of its pastorate. With a desire to be truly effective in this field of ministry, I saw my need for a more comprehensive theologically education coupled with ample pastoral training. I enrolled at Union Seminary the fall of 2006.

Following God’s call for our lives, we sold the business in the fall of 2006 allowing me to attend Union Seminary in Richmond, Virginia.

I graduated in the Spring of 2010 with a Masters of Divinity; having been awarded by the faculty the 2010 Appleby Award; “To those whose commitment to Christ and spiritual promise indicate a particularly fruitful pastorate to the glory of God.”

In 2008 and while still attending seminary, I began my service as pastor to the saints at Burnt Presbyterian Church. In June 2011 I was ordained at Burnt Church.  2016, will mark my eighth year serving Burnt Church as a CLP, Stated Supply or Ordained Minister.

In 2017 I was called and ordained where I am now, serving as Minister of Word & Sacrament for the Timber Ridge Presbyterian Church.

Service to the Church:


Served on the Presbytery Communication Committee; both as member and chairman. I designed and taught a website design to appointed webmasters to our churches. As a result, our Presbytery Committee now hosts and maintains websites for 28 of our churches. This work continues, although outside the bounds of the now dissolved Communication Committee (due to the realigning of all Presbytery committees).


Currently serves on the Committee for Pastoral Transition (CPT) and the Nominations Committee.