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Lent Study – Case for Christ

Class Summary

Bestselling author Lee Strobel examines how we can know the biblical accounts of Jesus’ resurrection are accurate by objectively looking at the evidence surrounding Jesus’ death, the evidence of the empty tomb, and the evidence of the many witnesses who saw him alive after his crucifixion.

About the Book

In his bestselling book The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel retraced his spiritual journey from atheism to faith by showing how the evidence he obtained from experts in the field of history, archaeology, and ancient manuscripts led him to the verdict that Jesus truly was the Son of God. Now, in this four-week study for Easter (DVD/digital downloads sold separately), Lee investigates the story surrounding the resurrection of Jesus—and how we can know that it is true.

In each session, we will explore the following aspects of the Easter story:

What the Gospel accounts actually say about Jesus’ death and resurrection, how we can reconcile the discrepancies between the accounts, and how we can know the biblical accounts are accurate

How we can use a technique known as “five minimal facts”—facts on which even skeptical scholars agree are true—and medical evidence to build a strong case for Jesus’ resurrection

What the evidence in the Gospels reveals about the Jesus’ tomb being empty, why the Gospel writers are credible when they make this claim, and what this evidence leads us to conclude

Who the Bible states witnessed Jesus being alive after the crucifixion, how early creeds emerged that stated Jesus was alive, and how it’s clear the early church carried on this teaching

The Case for Easter invites participants to examine the evidence for themselves and consider whether the story of Jesus’ resurrection makes sense. It will point them to the inescapable conclusion that led Lee from atheism to Christianity: Jesus was the Son of God who conquered the grave.

Christian Education Committee
From Linda Kuehne

… Rev. Lanaghan will be leading a 6-week Lenten Bible Study during the Sunday School

Case for Easter Study
Begins Sunday, March 10th, 2019 at 9:15am.

time beginning on March 10.  The first 4 weeks will be devoted to a study entitled “The Case for Easter”, a video and discussion presentation by Lee Strobel (best-selling author of  the book The Case for Christ). The last 2 weeks will be instructional in nature with the focus on learning about the customs of the Hebrew temple, and developing a deeper understanding of the Passion, Palm Sunday, the Passover meal and prayers.

… The committee will be providing a continental breakfast each Sunday morning beginning at 9:00 a.m. with the class to follow at 9:15 a.m.  This Bible Study will take place in the community building.  Please be sure to sign up at church if you plan to attend, or contact Linda Kuehne so that we will know how many folks to prepare for on Sunday mornings.  A sign-up sheet is located in the vestibule.

…  Lenten Devotional booklets will be available in late February.