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City Church

Historic Presbyterian Church built in 1756.

April 25th 2021 – Fourth Sunday of Easter

Gospel John 10:11-18

In these verses Jesus designates Himself “the Good Shepherd” and emphasizes two features by which a good shepherd can be known: (1) his giving his life for the sheep, and (2) the reciprocal knowledge of the sheep and the shepherd.

Jesus declares that He is “the gate for the sheep.” In other words, Jesus is claiming that He is the One who provides entrance into “the sheepfold,’ and He is the only entrance into the fold. As He makes clear in John 14:6, Jesus is declaring that He, as the eternal Son of God and the Savior sent by God, is the only way by which we can be redeemed from the righteous judgment of God and restored to fellowship with God. Jesus alone can give us access to the kingdom of God.

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