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03-Joseph From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh

The Story – Chapter 3 – Joseph

We are already into Chapter 3 this week – Joseph: I Dreamed a Dream. Many of us know Joseph’s story from the musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, but the biblical story is even more fascinating.  (Note that this chapter is called Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh in the book, but we are calling it Joseph: I Dreamed a Dream which sounds more fun. It is chapter 3 regardless of what we call it.)

If you don’t have The Story book, you can read Genesis chapters 37, 39, 41-48, and 50. (Those of you reading The Story actually come in right after the Technicolor coat part, so if you want the whole story, you’ll want to go back and read Genesis 37: 1-11.) Remember, The Story is easier to understand because it has eliminated chapter and verse numbers and some of the more confusing parts, but it’s exactly the same wording as in the NIV Bible.

Chapter 03 - Joseph - From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh - pages 28-42


Chapter 03 - Class Notes - Joseph


Reflection on Chapter 3 of “The Story”

Genesis 01-02 -legal size

Genesis 01-02 -letter size